A community of like minded people from different backgrounds jointly building and investing in the Web3 ecosystem


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8DAO is a membership-based Web3 community of like minded people from different backgrounds, jointly building and investing in the Web3 ecosystem.


Built on the foundational belief that community is the key to the future in Web3, we’re a tight-knit community of passionate builders and boundary breakers exploring the possibilities of Web3.


With a key focus on Web3 knowledge and experience sharing, we regularly invite well-known NFT project founders, DAO founders, VCs, crypto lawyers and other Web3 enthusiasts to have in-depth discussions. We also collaborate with other Web3 communities, incubators, VCs, brands and academic institutes to invest and support different Web3 projects.


DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization), is an organizational structure developed based on blockchain technology. It means that there is no centralized leader. The organization rules are written into the code, executed by smart contracts, and jointly governed by the members of the organization. When it comes to the direction of the organization, it is decided by voting, which is different from traditional corporate organizations.

Become a leading DAO with positive impact

Support and invest in creators and founders in Web3

Willingness to share


Long-term perspective


Collective wisdom

If you are interested becoming an 8DAO member. Please click the link for 8DAO Membership application.

All 8DAO members who are interested in becoming contributors, please email us ([email protected]) or drop our 8DAO account (@eightdao8) a DM on Telegram. Our block leaders would be delighted to have a discussion with you.

– All members would automatically be enrolled into General Member Tier

– Participate in 8DAO Governance and Discussions

– You need at least 200 tokens

– Private discord and Telegram group

– Daily updates, newsletters and research

– Virtual and IRL Community Hangouts 

– 8DAO merch and partner WL benefits 

– Token gated member gallery (soon)

– Soulbound, dynamic 8DAO membership card NFT (soon)

– Moon members would receive additional benefits, with a focus on pool investment allocations into 8 Venture deals, alongside our treasury and other web3 industry leaders.

– All General Member benefits

– Pool investment allocations to 8 Ventures deals (case by case basis, subject to the discretion of Investment Committee)

– Flexibility to apply for allocation only into deals of interest

– Priority registration benefits to 8DAO events

– Priority allocation of WL from 8DAO partner projects

– Exclusive merch drops

– Invest in early to mid stage web3 projects/companies on behalf of 8DAO treasury

– Invest alongside web3 industry leaders 

– Suitable pool investment opportunities shared with Moon Members

– We have a strong pipeline in place, stay tuned for more 8 Venture deals. Best way to find out if Moon membership is suitable for you! 


If you are interested in sharing the investment opportunity of your project with 8DAO. 

Please tell us more by clicking 8 Ventures. 



Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @eightdao8


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